What’s The Right Weight For Your Workout?


Strength training with weights is not just for the body builders. Adding some weights to your workout can help you become stronger, look leaner, and age gracefully! Not to mention you can protect your joints and bones from aching all the time with more muscles to support them.

So now that you’re ready to lift, where should you start? How much should you lift? Should you try a machine or free weights? Sharita Jennings, of Get Fit Like That, has you covered with her tips on strength training for the newbie or the seasoned gym goer.

Form over Everything

Before you pick up a weight, make sure you have the form down to a science. If you’re working with a trainer, or getting workouts online, make sure you understand the moves, and the muscles you should be working. Try the move a few times without any weight, first. Then when you add weights, always engage your abs to protect your back, and stand up tall with your chest up to for good posture. You want to be in control of the weights, not the other way around!

Size Does Matter

Most likely, some of your muscles will be stronger than others, depending on your day to day routine and workouts. Leg day might be a breeze, while a bicep curl can take you down. Get to know your body, and start with lighter dumbbells (3-8 pounds) for those smaller muscles like triceps in the back of your arms, abs, and possibly your shoulders. For larger muscle groups like your legs and back, you can go a bit heavier (10-20 pounds) even when you’re starting out. Make adjustments based on your own strength so you can get the best results.