Quit Smoking Without Weight Gain


quit smokingPutting down the tobacco is usually discouraging for one major reason – the accompanying weight gain.

It seems as soon as you go a day without a cigarette, everything you’ve eaten for the last five years starts to show itself in your thighs, tummy, arms and face. You’re not alone. Nicotine is a known appetite suppressant and metabolism booster. Thus, when the smoking stops, your appetite increases and the weight piles on.

“Quitting smoking at age 40 increases life expectancy by nine years, even taking into account the possible post-cessation weight gain,” British and French researchers said in on BMJ-published study. “If their smoking patients do not take steps now to quit smoking despite the risk of weight gain, when will they do it?”

You don’t have to let the weight take over your will to break the nicotine habit. If you’re planning to quit smoking, get in front of the fear of weight gain by following these tips.

Drink water

It’s easy to want to replace your craving for nicotine with another guilty pleasure – perhaps, alcohol or candy. But, those pleasurable replacements are often bad choices for your health and diet. If you used to smoke after meals or any other activity, grab a glass or bottle of water instead of the cigarette. And, for added delight, infuse the water with lemon, which is good for eliminating food cravings and flushing toxins out of your system.

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