Kimberly Elise Turns 50+! “Just Breathe And Let Go”

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Many know actress Kimberly Elise from some of her acclaimed roles in Set It Off, John Q, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, For Colored Girls and Almost Christmas. Her incredible smile and intense on-screen persona are just two characteristics she shares with her audience. The talented actress is turned 50 in 2017 and loving every minute of it of being “fine and 50-plus” now.

“This is an extra big year for me,” confesses Elise on her blog. “Not only because I turned 50 (yep, I do), but also because my family and I just moved out of our family home – the home we’ve shared for over 10 years!”

“And also because my youngest daughter will be graduating high school and heading off to college in just a couple months. My baby all grown up…(tears rolling).”

But she’s learned to take everything in stride and has done a lot of growth over the years.

“We all have changes in life. That’s one of life’s few guarantees – nothing stays the same forever. Sometimes this seems harsh and traumatizing and other times, change is welcome and actually feels overdue. My daughter CAN’T WAIT to graduate!”

(Kimberly Elise on the set of “Set It Off”)

“When we are faced with new circumstances, rather than clinging to the old, it is a wonderful opportunity to release what is no longer serving us and make room for the new,” continues Elise.

“All the things in our lives, relationships, homes, friends, environments, all bring their own energies so when we release (or remove) those things, we allow fresh new energies in.”

The beautiful actress also shared a personal message for those who may be experiencing the same sort of reluctance to move on.

“Releasing and allowing is a beautiful process when we trust it. What can you release this season? Are you finding it challenging? Well, just breathe and let go…wonderful things are waiting in the wings.”

One of the things that Elise let go years ago was her processed/sew-in hair that she used to wear on Hollywood red carpets and movies.

“Around 2000, after years of color, relaxers, weaves, you name it, I had finally had enough,” admits Elise. “I had enough of the burning scalp and scabs on my ears. I stopped putting chemicals in my hair altogether and went back to wearing a press-and-curl and would add in extensions for different styles. One day, I saw a photo of myself on the red carpet wearing long, straight hair down my back and I realized that I didn’t even look like myself. I said to myself, ‘Who is that? That’s not me.'”

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