New Video From UTMB Med Students Celebrates Strong Women, White Coats & Black Skin

After going viral with their health-inspired #EgoChallenge video, the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMD) students are back with a fresh video.

Check the lyrics below:

Strong Woman White Coat Black Skin

You know the words from the video back then

Started a movement with song so people understand

Today’s society’s a different age and demand

A whole group thought incapable to reach the bar It’s time people know the truth black women are

Astronomical, exceptional phenomenal

Obtaining education previously impossible

BSN, Pharm.D, Phd, MD APRN, DO, DMD, DpT

Tired of saying I’m a medical professional

I put on this shirt which sums it up overall

Strong Woman White Coat Black Skin

Showing the world the power of melanin

Strong Woman White Coat Black Skin

Now you won’t need to question us again

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