The 200-Pound Club: Women Who Redefine Weight

When it comes to men’s and women’s weight, there are certain myths that we tend to perpetuate. Like, men who are over 200 pounds need to look like this or that to be fit and a woman must be under 200 pounds and/or tall or she’s fat — plain and simple, right? Well, wrong! There are a growing number of women who are proving that your scale doesn’t determine if your healthy or not.

Take a look at these beautiful women who are taking social media by storm and proving that healthy comes in all sizes–even the over-200 size.

(photo credit:  Renee Miller Instagram)

Renee Miller
228 pounds

(photo credit: Renee Miller Instagram)

(photo credit: Renee Miller Instagram)

Renee says: “Coming from size 24 was no easy task..but i got it done..many will discourage you….family may not want no part of your healthy eating habits..friends may not understand why you can’t eat out like you used to..Spouse may discourage you by telling you he’s not attracted to small women don’t lose weight..You may go at this fitlife alone…I did…..but When I walk this staircase…..Know