Chop Talk: An Expert’s Advice On ‘The Big Chop’

On top of a muddied view of beauty, Fowler added that for decades, access to natural hair stylists were far and in-between. “These same women wore wigs and weaves over decades of new-growth because natural hair practitioners were far and few. Then there was an alternate reality. While some women were vigilantly detoxing disgraceful language surrounding Black hair and its proclivity to revert, ammonium thioglycolate purging, embarking on World Wide Web pursuits to self-master, others felt wearing natural Black hair was offensive.”

Fortunately for natural hair enthusiasts, as Fowler mentioned, a tide has turned in recent years surrounding both the definition of “the big chop,” as well as the acceptance of a variety of natural hairstyles.

Emon Fowler

Photo: Emon Fowler/Facebook

“Natural hair pioneers like Bob Johnson, Diane Carol-Bailey, Taliah Waajid, Amazon Smiley, Titi and Miko Branch, worked to improve on the designs made by Annie Turnbo Malone, Rose Morgan, and Madam C.J Walker. Countless contemporaries have researched, reinvente, and rewound the clock back to a time when it wasn’t deemed the ‘big chop’ it was simply ‘natural’.”

Taking all of this into consideration, Fowler urges women considering “the big chop” to be patient, tolerable, and treat the choice to embrace unique beauty like an adventure.

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