Exfoliation Doesn’t Stop At Your Face

As for how often to exfoliate your skin, Helms’ recommendations are based on skin type. For dry skin, one per week is good. If your skin is oily, she recommends twice a week, skipping at least one day in between. Her go-to products are the glycolic scrub for oily skin and the face polisher for dry or combination skin types – both from the Vera Moore Collection.

Of course, once you’ve done away with trapped toxins and dead skin cells, the secret to maintaining a flawless foundation without caking on heavy makeup is to work with what your mama gave you. “Only a dab of concealer on blemishes, dark circle, spots, etc,” the mother-daughter pair suggest.

“Follow up with foundation and powder. Again, these minimal touchups won’t cut it if your skin is not clear. You can’t get “flawless” anything without a skincare regimen,” Helms continued.

The beauty experts stress that exfoliation is key to keeping skin clean and fresh looking from head to toe. A simple daily regiment, Helms offered, is to cleanse, tone and moisturize so that your true texture and skin tone shines through.

“Give the attention to your skin that some of you give your hair and nails and you won’t need heavy makeup,” said Helms.

For acne prone skin it’s especially important to keep your pores clean, advised Helms.“Your skincare regimen definitely should not be a creamy cleanser or a heavy moisturizer. Your cleanser should be a gel.” When it comes to cystic acne, it’s good to opt for products that help dissolve debris without sloughing. You want to avoid damaging the skin, which can happen after scrubbing with harsh products.

Completing your daily routine with a quality moisturizer will help protect your skin from the elements.

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