Is Your Scalp Spring/Summer Ready? Expert Dermatologist Dr. Michelle Henry Gives Her Best Tips

What are the big scalp care don’ts?

Keeping the scalp clean is important.  I recommend using a good shampoo that will thoroughly cleanse the scalp at least twice a month. Stay away from tight styles that can pull on fragile follicles damaging the scalp permanently.

What products do you suggest for moisturizing, specifically if maintaining protective styles, like braids?

I really like using natural oils on the scalp. Coconut oil, castor oil and avocado oil are some of my favorites. They are easy to wash off and don’t contain chemicals, which can be irritating.

How does one protect their scalp while at the beach?

I often recommend coating the hair with a light conditioner before swimming in harsh ocean water.  Also, using sunscreen on the scalp is key to protecting the scalp and avoiding burns which can affect hair growth. I also love wide-brimmed hats to protect both the hair and face.

How does scalp health impact hair growth?

Scalp health is critical to hair growth. If you have a dry, inflamed, or unhealthy scalp, the hair will reflect that. The hair may become brittle, thin or slow growing. Optimizing your scalp health is key to having healthy, beautiful hair.

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