7 Lipsticks That Contain The Most Lead

Women endure a lot of things in the name of beauty: Long and sometimes painful beauty shop appointments, “cute” heels that hurt your feet, and now lipstick, which is supposed to enhance your beauty, could be slowly hurting you.

Watchdog groups have found that there are a great number of lipsticks that contain way too much lead. Sometimes double, triple and even more times the recommended daily amount.

Metals are often used in mineral dyes, which give lipstick its pigment, and are also often found in soil and groundwater. The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) has estimated that in 2013 lead exposure accounted for 853,000 deaths due to long-term effects on health.

IHME also estimated that lead exposure accounted for 9.3% of the global burden of idiopathic intellectual disability, 4% of the global burden of ischaemic heart disease and 6.6% of the global burden of stroke.

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics calls lead a neurotoxin and says any amount is too much. “Lead builds up in…