5 Women Who Died From Butt Injections

Many women have died from illegal cosmetic procedures performed by doctors who claim to be licensed, but in reality are just unlicensed everyday people who have a syringe and no conscious.

Butt injections can either be made from your own fat, which is taken from another part of your body, or they can be made of foreign substances, like silicone. Foreign substances may also include free silicone, hydrogels, oils and saline.

Fat injections and silicone implants are offered throughout cosmetic surgery practices around the country. However, many fraudulent “doctors” are performing butt injections with something called free silicone — that means the silicone is in liquid form, rather than packaged like an implant. It is simply the liquid inside the implant.

Foreign substances like silicone, paraffin, petroleum jelly, and other non-human substances which have been known to be used in black-market cosmetic procedures are not approved by the FDA for use in humans and therefore, are illegal.

When liquid silicone is injected freely into the body, it is much more dangerous than when a person gets implants where the silicone gel is confined within a shell. However, many women, and even men, are attracted to these so-called “black market” procedures because they happen to be much cheaper than implants.

A legal butt enhancement procedure may cost around $7,000, while unlicensed providers often charge thousands of dollars less, sometimes as little as a few hundred dollars per injection. But everything cheap isn’t always good. And what’s good isn’t always cheap. People who choose the cheaper route fail to take into account the significantly high risks associated with these types of illegal quick-fix procedures.

Free silicone injections come with numerous risks and complications including pulmonary embolism; kidney failure or critical disruption of the kidney functions; inflammation or infection from possible impurities or poor quality silicone; appearance of abnormal nodules or bumps under the skin; nerve damage; bleeding, scarring and abscess in the butt; uneven butt augmentation or asymmetrical results where one cheek is higher or bigger than the other; chest pain, breathing problems, and in some cases, death.

Here are just five of the beautiful women gone too soon int the name of trying to get a bigger butt:


Kelly Mayhew
The 34-year-old BET employee died hours after receiving silicone injections from an unlicensed “doctor” in a Queens, NY basement.



Claudia Aderotimi
The British student traveled from London to Philadelphia for silicone injections and later died when the silicone moved to her lungs and stopped her heart. She was only 20.



Wykesha Reid
After receiving what family members say was her FOURTH black market b*tt injection, the 34-year-old mother was found dead in a shady salon run by unlicensed “doctors.”

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