7 Turn Offs Men Wish Women Knew

Many women think that all they have to do is look sexy, have a sexy body and then they’ll keep the guy interested all day and night. Wrong.

There are things that women do that can turn a man off in a heartbeat and even ruin his sexual appetite. Here are seven of the most common turn-offs men mention wish women would stop doing.

1. Treating your social media accounts like it’s your job.
If you actually care more about what Snapchat or Instagram posts are being shared rather than real life, then there is a problem. Although, to be fair, sometimes checking social media may be your job. And in that case, you really should treat it as so because being fired is not the greatest.

If not, don’t keep picking up your phone every few minutes just to check out what your girls are doing, what the latest reality star is wearing, or the next viral video. It’s not THAT serious.

2. Trying to get him to act jealous.
That said, I read a relationship advice book once that said it’s