How To Avoid Dating A Man With Ambition But No Follow Through

Ambition and goals are two separate things, and both are necessary to be successful and to accomplish anything. Having dreams, goals and aspirations is great, but without the follow through driven by your ambition most of what you are aiming for will likely never become reality. This is a difficult thing to work through when the person who is lacking ambition or goals is your significant other.

It’s not as simple as one might think to identify this early on in a relationship, as differentiating between the two can be difficult. In the early stages of a growing relationship it can be relatively easy to be the encourager and cheerleader your partner needs on their road to accomplishment. The downside to this is, if you never see the follow through and the fruits of your support come together, you often will begin to feel overwhelmed with disappointment.

Too many times of having to grab the check on dates, and too many days of wondering when your partner is going to finally accomplish what they set out for can be more than just taxing on any relationship; it simply just gets old.

A lot of women take pride in being the supportive girlfriend or wife of their significant other, and although it can be a gamble, some would argue that there can be a big payoff. A great example of this is former President of the United States Barack Obama. Though he attended Harvard, his job as a city organizer wasn’t likely bringing home the big bucks. Michelle still took a chance on him, as he was a big dreamer with huge goals. President Obama is also a perfect example of a man who dreamed big and put just as much ambition behind those goals.

Another growing issue with women who decide to date men on their rise to the top is…