Change Your Bladder, Change Your Life: 4 Ways To Really Live With UI

Does it feel like your bladder is running your life? If you’re feeling anxious about how much water you drink, going out with friends, exercising or just doing something as simple as having a good laugh, it’s time to take back control of your life. Urinary incontinence (UI), which is just involuntary bladder leakage, may make you feel like you can’t enjoy life the way you want to, but you definitely can.

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“Many solutions are available, but you can only get help for what you’re willing to talk about and explain,” said Dr. E. James Wright, director of urology at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. “The vast majority of cases can either be cured or significantly improved.”

Try some of these strategies to live the carefree life you deserve:

Exercise your bladder. 

You can ‘train’ your bladder by doing certain exercises. These include Kegel exercises, where you regularly tighten certain muscles in your pelvis to strengthen them, which helps you become more leak-proof. Your doctor can explain the proper way to perform them.  You can also try a variation of this called The Knack. This is when you do a Kegel while you sneeze, cough or any other activity that may trigger leakage.

Wear the right incontinence products. 

Bladder leaks can lead to a lot of embarrassment and worry about how you smell or if your leakage protection is showing. To help avoid this, use products specially made to handle urinary incontinence, like the Always Discreet line of products. Get your exercise on and do all the activities you enjoy without wondering, “What if…”. These pads, liners and underwear come in several options that make them comfortable to wear and hard to detect under clothing. The Always Discreet line of products are also the only ones specially formulated to neutralize odor, giving you advanced odor protection that you definitely won’t find in pads used for your period.