Cedric The Entertainer Says Gas Company Poisoned His Family

(Photo credit: A. Bettcher/ Getty Images)

Beloved comedian, actor and king of comedy, Cedric the Entertainer, alleges that a gas company servicing his home in Southern California has made him and his family sick. Ced is suing the SoCal gas company because of the effects from the company’s huge gas leak of 2015.

The New York Daily News reports that the lawsuit alleges that his family suffered nosebleeds, vomiting, nausea and vertigo.

The gas leak of Porter Ranch, the area where Cedric resides, lead the Mayor of Los Angeles to declare a State of Emergency at the time.

Cedric claimed the leak was a result of the SoCal Gas Company’s failure to replace an emergency safety valve back in 1979. The well spewed more than 100,000 tons of methane and other gases into the area between October and January.

The married, 53-year-old father of four should be concerned since gas leaks change the amount of oxygen available. As you breathe in less oxygen, you may start to develop symptoms. If you or others in your family experience sudden and unexplained symptoms, there could be a gas leak in your home.

Here are the symptoms you should look for:

Symptom #1: Headaches

If you experience headaches when you’re at home, and they suddenly disappear when you go out.

Symptom #2: Easy bruising

If you notice you bruise easily that may be due to inhaling contaminated air.

Symptom #3: Memory loss

The inhalation of carbon monoxide and other types of gasses can take the place of oxygen molecules on your blood cells, leaving your body out of oxygen, and this can cause memory loss.

Symptom #4: Leg aches or abdominal pain

Inhaled gases in high concentration in your blood cells can damage tissues, causing leg aches or abdominal pain.

Symptom #5: Nausea

One of the most common symptoms of gas poisoning is nausea. This symptom can easily disappear if you…