Rapper E-40 & Wife Celebrate 33 Years Together: “Don’t Hold Anything Back”

In this day and age where people change marital status like they change their socks, it’s rare to find someone in Hollywood or the entertainment industry married more than 10 years. Once they get to the 10 year mark, then it gets even more rare with couple who have been married more than 20 years. And those in the music industry it’s even less. But after 33 years together, rapper E-40, real name Earl Stevens, and his wife Tracy are still going strong.

That’s right, a whopping 32 years, twenty-six of those years married. That’s like two life times in the music industry.

The rapper shared on Twitter that he and his wife Tracy have been married for 27 years.
Hailing from the of California’s Bay Area, the couple met in high school and became sweethearts.

In 2013, the hitmaker, known for his hit song, “Tell Me When To Go” and “Sprinkle Me” told XXL the key to their happy relationship is communication.

“It’s always good when two people like the same things,” he said. “The conversation has to naturally happen. That’s when you get into “what you like” and “what are you in to.” Me and Her [Tracy] we love bowling, me and my wife. Any relationship, I’m talking about even with your kids, when you got something they can relate to—both of y’all—it helps.”

(E-40 and family / Photo credit: Black Celebrity Kids)

“Otherwise it’s going to be like, ‘whats up, whats up,'” continued Stevens. “Am I lying though? Its good to adjust to each other liking because you might like something that she don’t like and vice versa. Communication, that keeps everything cool. Not holding anything back, you got to tell each other what’s on your mind, that’s really it. Otherwise when one gets mad at one, it can burst and you just let it out and it can just come out wrong…