The Butt-Lifting Stair-Climbing Workout

Whether you’re climbing actual stairs or using a stair climber, both are are easy to use and you can customize them to suite your fitness level. When used regularly for at least 20 minutes, four to five times a week, climbing stairs and stair climbers can increase your endurance, stamina and strength. The machine challenges your legs to continually climb a moving set of stairs. As your fitness increases, you can continue to challenge yourself by increasing the speed and resistance setting on the machine. People with knee or back issues who cannot run on a treadmill might find a stair climber is easier on their joints.

With so much emphasis on your legs, hips and buttocks while on a stair climber, if done correctly, you can start to see considerable results in the toning of your lower body.

Here’s a five-step stair-climbing workout that does that and more.

1. Spend the first five to 10 minutes of your workout warming up by climbing stairs at a moderate pace, as placing stress on cold muscles can cause injuries. Gradually increase the speed as your body and muscles warm.

2. Walk up stairs for 15-minute sessions at first, and gradually increase the duration to 30 minutes as you become stronger. Attempting to do too much too soon can lead to injuries. Place your entire foot on the step and push through your heel to lift your body up, which can help to activate your glutes.

3. Insert jogging intervals into your stairs session to increase the cardiovascular benefit and…