5 Natural Ways To Soothe Sunburn

African American girl or woman on beachMilk, honey, and oatmeal aren’t just for breakfast — they can also serve as great home remedies for sunburn relief. For a breakdown of natural ways to soothe unsightly blistering, flaky, peeling skin, keep scrolling.

1. Stay hydrated

When exposed to the sun, the body loses much needed water and essential nutrients. Drinking plenty of fluids (mainly H2O) will help counteract the drying effects of a sunburn, reduce the risk of dehydration as well as rehydrate the body for optimum recovery.

2. Try a cool bath or a cold compress

Wash the burned area thoroughly using a mild soap and cool water. Apply a cold compress for 10 – 15 minutes several times a day to relieve pain.

To create a cold compress, dip a towel in ice-cold water or soak a wash cloth in a mixture of cold water and milk.