Man Crush: Fit, Fine And All Natural

While there are plethora of Black male models on the scene right now, few are staying true to their art of building a better body naturally (without steroids) and helping others to do the same. We’ve picked some of the most memorable men out there whose pictures you may have seen but never knew their name. Take a look below and be amazed.

Ike Black
Ike is a personal trainer and fitness model who has had his picture shared online for years. People love his chiseled abs, strong features and clear dark skin. He’s all about wellness and shares his fitness tips and funny memes on his social media here.



Keyatta Wilson

Kenyatta is an Air Force Sargent who stays in the gym six days a week and helps others achieve their fitness goals. “I’ve been lifting weights since January 2000. In February 2005 I began power lifting. I joined the Ramstein Power lifting team in Germany. While on the team I noticed a significant increase in mass. In October 2005 my teammate & close friend Horace Youson & I decided to compete in the 2005 US Forces Europe MWR Bodybuilding Championship in Kaiserslautern, Germany.”

“Looking back I was very unprepared for the show but still managed to finish 2nd place in the lightweight class.”


Ngo Okafor

Ngoli Onyeka Okafor is an American-born Nigerian actor, retired boxer, fitness trainer and model. Ngo’s boxing career began in October 2005 at the age of 31 after he developed interest in the sport while doing simple workouts at a…