Fun Beach Day Workout [VIDEO]

Wanna #GetFitLikeThat during your beach trip? Sharita Jennings of has put together some moves that will work your entire body. The only equipment you'll need is sand!

Taking your workouts to the beach will give you more than just great views. Performing moves on an unstable surface like soft sand forces you to engage your core muscles even more than usual so you'll be that much closer to tighter abs!

On top of that, the sand makes simple things like jogging and jumping around a lot harder. This means you'll get some extra calorie burn for every exercise you try on the beach. And finally, you can use the sand to your advantage for plyometric, or exercises that involve a lot of jumping. Normally these moves can be hard on your knees, but the sand takes some of the pressure off your joints. So go all out with this workout, since you've got some extra cushion for the pushin' -- so to speak.

Try out these moves on your next beach trip to work your entire body and earn a day of bumming in the sun!

1. Marching Planks

Start in an elbow plank and press hands down to rise into normal plank. From the plank position, lift right heel upward with straight leg, and repeat on left leg. Thats 1 rep!

Modification: Try them on your knees if needed.

2. Shuffle Burpees

Do 5 side shuffles to the right (sit low, and step right foot to right, and step left foot to meet the right and quickly repeat in a lateral movement). Then, drop into a burpee (push up optional), quickly stand and shuffle back to start and repeat.

3. Broad Jumps

Start in a squat. Using arms for momentum, jump forward directly from the squat position. Land lightly into a squat and repeat 4-5 times. Jog back to starting position and repeat.

Modification: Take small forward hops.

4. Walking Push Ups

Start in a plank. Perform a push up with hands and feet wide. Then, step left foot next to right foot and left hand next to right hand. Place right hand out to the right while, stepping right foot toward the right and perform another pushup. Continue to "walk" about 5 times to the right then "walk back"  to the left.

Modification: Walking planks/ no push up

Try each move for at least 45 seconds, then repeat the entire workout 3 times, or more if you got it like that!

Sharita JenningsSharita Jennings is a health policy attorney, ACE certified group fitness instructor and nutrition specialist. She leads fitness classes in Washington, DC and provides online coaching and tips on her site,

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

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