Essential Oils 101

Essential oils, touted as a natural way to soothe a long list of common ailments including mood swings, eczema, motion sickness, insomnia and much more, are a hot commodity in holistic medicine today. Only, if you’re a new user, navigating through a sea of different oils can be confusing.

To better help you understand the world of essential oils, recently spoke to Monica Richards, Lead Researcher at Essential Oils Experts, who broke down everything you need to know – because not all oils are created equal. What are essentials oils?

Monica Richards: Essential oils are volatile, highly-concentrated liquids that are steam-distilled from various plants, flowers, fruits or trees. As aromatic products, essential oils carry potent fragrances that are said to contain the ‘life force’ of the plant and can be used for topical application or inhalation through aromatherapy. What are the uses and benefits of essential oils?

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