Are You About That Plant-Based Life? 6 Questions You Probably Have

Berry saladFor the last few weeks, you’ve probably noticed your timelines filling up with people going cold turkey and transforming into vegans overnight. Whether you’ve watched a certain documentary, or you’re just curious about changing to a vegan lifestyle, here’s what you need to know about the plant-based life before you take the plunge.

What is a Vegan Anyway?

As with most things in life, there are levels to this. Being vegan on the most basic level, means eating only foods that grow from the earth, and avoiding any animal products. This includes byproducts like eggs, dairy products, and even BUTTER! In its most extreme form, being vegan means you don’t consume as in buy, eat, wear, etc., anything from an animal. This could include fur and leather products. If you decide to make this lifestyle change, keep in mind that you get to decide where on the vegan spectrum you want to fall.

Why Do People Become Vegan?

People turn to the vegan lifestyle for multiple different reasons, from food allergies, to animal rights, or just to cut out certain “bad” foods from their diets. Most recently, a number of people have explored a vegan lifestyle after watching the documentary “What The Health?” which exposes the industry behind meat products and its impact on animal and human health. Whatever the reason, people decide to avoid animal products and instead get all their nutrients from plant sources like vegetables and nuts.

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