8 Exercises You Should Be Doing, Especially If You Have Bladder Leakage

Now you may not hear many women talking about bladder leakage, but don’t let the silence fool you. It’s way more common than you think. Statistics show that 1 in 2 Black women 18+ experience some form of bladder leakage in their life. However, you can manage to live to the fullest with bladder leakage by using products specifically made for incontinence, like our favorite Always Discreet pads, liners, and underwear; and practicing exercises that help to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

The pelvic floor muscles are tucked deep in the pelvis, which can make them hard to target. Here we’ve gathered the best exercises to help strengthen those muscles. Let our fitness experts Ashanti and Lea offer you their take on the moves they swear by to target those muscles best!

1. Pelvic Tilt

How To Do It:

Lay on your back with feet flat on the floor. As you lift your hips, squeeze your cheeks together. Lower down, stretch and then squeeze again. Repeat for 3 reps of 25.

2. Butterfly Lift

How To Do It:

Lift your hips up squeezing your cheeks together and squeeze your knees together at the same time. Lower down slowly and take your knees apart. Repeat for 3 reps of 15.

3. Scissor Extension

How To Do It:

Move the same arm and leg up and down as you press your belly button down and squeeze. Repeat for 3 reps of 20.

4. Modified Hydrant

How To Do It:

Lift your knee up to hip height and keep it there. Press your heel behind your opposite glute muscle and squeeze your pelvic floor. Repeat for 3 reps of 15.

5. Knee Slides

How To Do It:

For knee slides the goal is to find a surface that allows you to extend as far out and come as close together as possible (hardwood floors work best for this). Push your pelvis all the way forward and squeeze your glutes together. Go in and come out squeezing your pelvic floor. Repeat for 3 reps of 20.

WATCH a demo of each exercise below. 

Being a fitness instructor, Ashanti knows how real bladder leaks can be. In fact, 1 out of 2 Black women experience some form of bladder leaks. Here, she shows us some exercises you can do at home to strengthen your pelvic floor. Take a look… #AlwaysDiscreet #AD

Posted by BlackDoctor.org on Tuesday, July 18, 2017