#BlackGirlHealing: “I Decided Fear Would Not Rule Over My Life”

Jenica Ervin, Sole Sister #1.

How much loss can one woman stand, and still find herself standing – strong, powerful, inspired, and hopeful – when it is all said and done? Jenica Ervin can tell you that it’s more than you could ever think possible. “I have been through the fire,” the Wilmington, Delaware resident tells BlackDoctor.org. After the tragic loss of her only sister and a number of family members and friends, Jenica found support to move forward and look fear in the face with the help of GirlTrek. Here she shares her powerful testimony in her own words. 

A few years ago, I was introduced to GirlTrek by Gloria Johnson and other amazing women in Wilmington, DE. Originally from Southwest Florida, I searched for something more in my newfound residence and GirlTrek provided that. GirlTrek came at a very pivotal time in my life. I was on my way to becoming a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), had left my job in corporate America, was recovering from a second knee surgery, was considering graduate studies, and battling depression. Every day I struggled to function.

The obstacles did not stop. I sustained debilitating injuries due to an auto accident and was unable to exercise. As a curvy CPT, this was a blow to my self-esteem and brand. Although I received positive feedback for breaking barriers in the fitness industry, I received negative feedback as well.

I have curves for days in which I am not ashamed of and legs that are strong enough to press over 500 lbs. You must have thick skin to make it in this business. I was often bullied by male trainers and females, but I always found a way to rise above the negativity.

Today, I am still jumping over hurdles. I said, “Goodbye” to a promising body building career, medical school no longer sounded fulfilling, and I lost more family members than anyone could imagine. I lost my one and only sibling, Brittany, and her friend, Shaniqua “Niqua,” to a gruesome and selfish crime about nine years ago.