Top 15 ‘WELLthiest’ Cities In The U.S. 2017

 Dr. Caudle added, “It’s important for churches, schools, and community and civic groups to encourage healthy activities. This can have a very positive and profound impact on those in the community.”

Is your city missing from the list, or are you thinking about putting down roots in a new location? Here are 6 traits of a “healthy” city that Dr. Caudle suggests you look for:

1. A city that is dedicated to fostering health and wellness.

2. A city with outdoor spaces conducive to exercise, such as walking/bike trails, boardwalks, parks, river fronts etc.

3. A city that has good air quality, as smog and poorer air quality can affect people with asthma and other lung and heart conditions.

4. A city that has a lot of recreational options, such as playing sports, going to concerts or even volunteering. Cities with lots of activities naturally encourage physical activity and movement for its residents, which is a great way to stay healthy!

5. Access to great health care. This is very important because being able to access quality care from physicians, nurses and other health care providers is key to staying healthy.

6. A city with an abundance of full-service grocery stores or farmer’s markets, so that residents can buy nutritious foods.