Ask The Experts: What Are The New Rules Of Dating Online?

keyboard online datingThe dating game has changed a lot since the introduction of apps like Tinder, Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, OkCupid. Whether you’re a divorcee taking another chance on love, a serial dater or happily single simply in search of a snuggle buddy, let’s face it, the rules have changed!

If you’ve recently put yourself out there in the online dating game, you may be wondering whether you’re crossing any lines or breaking any rules. For the answers, spoke with a handful of relationship coaches and matchmakers for their take on online dating etiquette.

What are the best ways to meet people online?

“The best ways to meet people online is by finding websites and apps that are reputable,” says Certified Dating and Relationship Specialist (CRS), Michelle G. “Do your research! Avoid signing up for multiple free dating account and apps because this is the quickest way to experience dating fatigue and burn out.”

“Don’t just flip through four or five options, sit there for an hour and really explore who is out there! Be willing to make yourself vulnerable! Take the plunge and start a conversation, or better yet, skip the awkward online small talk and ask them out,” says April Davis, Relationship Coach and CEO of LUMA — Luxury Matchmaking. Adding that, while you may “run across a few crazies,” don’t “give up if the first few dates are totally weird.”

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What are the big no no’s of dating after divorce online?

“If you’re online dating after a divorce, avoid making laundry lists of what you want and don’t want in a match. Avoid using selfies and group pictures on your profile. Finally, make sure you’ve had time to heal from the divorce, no one likes to date a bitter divorcee,” continued Michelle G.

Once you’ve worked through your emotions, remember to take it slow. Love is not a race! In fact, Dr. Wyatt Fisher, Founder of a niche dating site called Christian Crush, suggests taking it slow. “Proceed with caution,” he tells “Get to know someone online first and then have several video chats before a first date. For the first few dates, keep them in public areas and take your own mode of transportation.”

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