Tooth Eruptions: When Should My Child Get Molars?

African American booth teeth dentist officeWhether you have a newborn on the verge of teething, or a tween, experiencing the third coming of their adult molars, you’re likely familiar with the pain accompanied by these natural stages in tooth development.

According to experts, a newborn’s teeth will emerge around 6 months through two years of age. Those chompers will remain in the mouth until a child is around 6-years-old. Teeth then fall out (shed) at various times throughout childhood. By age 21, however, all 32 permanent teeth have usually erupted.

“During your lifetime, people obtain two sets of teeth, primary or baby teeth and permanent teeth. You will see the primary first molars start to break through the gums between 13-19 months and the eruption of primary second molars near 2-3 years old,” Jarrett Manning, DDS, MPH, coach, speaker, media personality and smile creator of JLM Dentistry in Smyrna, GA, tells

Of course, in-between that time, children experience the eruption of primary molars. These are normally the last teeth to erupt and the last to fall out. They — making way for your child’s permanent first, second and third molars as described by the American Dental Association (ADA).

“There are three permanent molars. The first permanent molars erupt around age 6. Kids receive second permanent molars at age 12, and the third permanent molars (the wisdom teeth) will appear at 18 years old,” added Manning, who describes herself as “lover and sharer of all things teeth related.”