Loretta Devine: Longevity Through Love

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Many associate Loretta Devine, with her many memorable performances on both the big and small screen, including the hit movies Waiting to Exhale and Jumping The Broom, as well as her Emmy-winning performance on Grey’s Anatomy, her scene-stealing role on Being Mary Jane, her starring role on the breakout hit, The Carmichael Show or her voice on the hugely popular, Doc McStuffins.

Many fans and celebrities say Loretta Devine is one of the hardest working women in Hollywood because she loves to work and is also great at it.

“I think you have to feel like you’re supposed to work and you go out there and you audition,” Devine tells Madame Noire. “I say yes a lot when I think other people would say no. I do a lot of independent films. Every job you have, leads to something else. The people that you work with will be the people that continue to work if you’re lucky. And the more things you’re in, it’s more paint thrown up against the wall. And opportunities come because people know your track record, that you’ll be on time, that you want to do it. That you’ll be prepared by knowing your lines. And all of those kinds of things make the longevity possible. You have to go in prepared. You can’t feel too high and mighty about things because it is just a job. It’s not brain surgery. I think all of that helps when it comes to whether or not you’re going to be able to continue to do it.”

“I got a chance to do so many different type of things, things that I really enjoy doing. And I’ve had so many opportunities. Because I’m a character actress and I consider myself a working actress, I’ve gotten a chance to do things like CeCe on “Being Mary Jane.” I played for seven years on “Grey’s Anatomy” which was a very upscale doctor’s wife. I’ve played sitcom comedy where you just knock down laughing, acting stupid. When I think of all the different types of movies that I’ve done, I feel like I’ve gotten a chance to do a lot of the things I dreamed of doing.”

And when it comes to her voice over role on the hit animated series, Doc McStuffins, Devine has found a whole new fan base in children.

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“It’s a very positive script, and Hallie is so supportive to what this young girl is trying to do, and it’s all about the stuffed animals,” explains Devine. “They all have these little ailments, which are not true ailments, which makes it sort of playful. It’s such a great teaching tool for young kids, from two up to five. They won’t be afraid to go to the doctor. They’ll understand what a check-up is. They’ll understand how important a check-up is. If they have a bite, they’ll know to show their mom. I think it’s a very positive little show. It was so successful – I was very happy with that. We did like 52 episodes in the first year.”

“I think people expect me to be working. I’ve been very blessed that I’ve been able to work and I hope I continue to do so.”

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With so many roles under her belt, there’s one role that still comes to mind when many people think of Loretta: Thirty years ago, Loretta achieved fame as Lorrell in the original Broadway production of Dreamgirls.

Growing up in Texas in a single-parent home with six children, Devine wanted to be a singer but…

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