Travis Cure: Perfectly Imperfect

(Photo credit: @Travis.Cure Instagram)

When we first started receiving emails about model Travis Cure, his smooth, dark chocolate skin has been seen on many blogs and across social media as women’s “Man Crush Monday” for weeks. But instead of just featuring his chiseled physique, we looked deeper and found that Cure is much more than eye candy–he is a man on a mission. A man that has been through some things and is trying to do better, not only for himself and his family, but also his community. In his own words, Travis describes his journey.

“In 2007 I attended Tallahassee Community College, dropping out after less than a year,” confessed Cure to Today’s Honoree. “Misguided, but so desperate to succeed and make something of myself, I enlisted into United States Marine Corps. On February 9, 2009, I was scheduled to leave to report to the military; on February 7th, I found out I was going to be a father. Afraid of what awaited me in the U.S.M.C, afraid of my new responsibility as a single father, I landed in Oceanside California to begin my tour of duty. I was determined to become something special for my daughter, for myself, for my brothers, and for my mother. I provided great care for my child, even in my absence due to my career, and in August of 2012, my son was born in Los Angeles, California.”

“Adding that to my hardship and the stress of the Corps, and fact that I was already a single father, I was very aware of my circumstances and quickly owned up and provided for my children with the best of my love, my time and benefits. I was determined to make the best of my life for my children and my family. I had to.”

(Photo Credit: @Travis.Cure Instagram)

“In November 2013, I made the decision to separate myself honorably from the Corps.”

“I decided to try my luck as police officer to at least provide some assistance for my children while I pursued my dreams. I never received a call from the police department. I tried to become a Fire Fighter. I passed 3 of 5 tests. No call. Upset, frustrated and lost, I called my mother crying. I was a failure. I was broken. Shortly after, I found a job paying $8.00 an hour and worked there for a year before finding another job paying $11.75. Both jobs required heavy lifting and hard work. With very little time to even think about football, my dream seemed to fade as the years passed. It had become about survival.”

(Photo credit: @Travis.Cure instagram)

“But my time in Atlanta had definitely become a blessing. I had no idea I was in the land of acting and modeling…neither sparked my interest. Determined to become a success at all costs, I was desperate, so I gave it a try. I began landing photo shoots, magazine editorials, runway shows, music videos, etc. My popularity in the industry began to pick up quickly. I became so confident that it would work that I quit my job to pursue it full time. It wasn’t football, but it could work.”

(Photo credit: @Travis.Cure instagram)

“I could see myself in the lights; I was certain. In November of 2014, my youngest child was born. Now I was without a job, Black, I had 3 children with 3 mothers, 2 pending child support cases and no car… and my mother was still working. I was the typical stereotype. I began to lose faith. There is nothing in this world I wouldn’t do for my family, but I was ready to die.”

“I say this to say that nobody is perfect. Not on the slightest level. I’ve had my share of bad times, stress, fake people, and I’m a single parent. I prayed and worked so hard to…

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