Celebrity Barber’s Advice On Treating Beneath The Beard Breakouts

handsome African American man outsideWant to know what’s sexy? A thick, full beard. Want to know what’s not so hot? Beneath the beard breakouts and sometime painful ingrown hairs.

While initially thought to be just another trend – just type #beard into any social media platform and see what pops up — rocking a beard is a lifestyle. In other words, it’s work. Whether you’ve decided to run with it for the upcoming fall season, Tinder pics, or warmth, there are a few things you may want to consider before your new beard grows in.

  1. Don’t be surprised if your skin reacts badly to new growth. You may notice pimples.
  2. Beard hair is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, as it’s likely to trap dust, dirt and debris.
  3. Grooming is essential for pimple prevention.

Fortunately for the fellas, Aidan Gill, a gentlemen’s barber to the likes of Denzel Washington and LeBron James, has some beard breakout tips that may prove useful. His New Orleans shop, Aidan Gill for Men, specializes in the art of grooming.

What habits are causing beneath the beard breakouts?

The answer is simple. “Even when you have a beard, you still have to wash your face well,” Gill tells BlackDoctor.org. Gill says,  “Often times, men simply forget to wash their beard thoroughly. And if you live in a city, your beard traps a lot of debris and detritus. So, take your time and clean your face (and neck) properly.” 

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