Kathy Drayton: Holding The Key To Transformation

(Photo credit: Instagram)

Originally from Alaska, fitness trainer Kathy Drayton can been just about anywhere online when it comes to health and fitness. She and her husband, Luther Freeman, who’s known for her incredible success in the fitness industry, teamed up and created a successful personal training business. However, Kathy wasn’t always the healthy, and famous shape she’s known for.

Drayton wanted to become a model for agencies in Miami and Tampa, Florida, but she was rejected because she “wasn’t what they were looking for.” Needless to say, the event shocked Kathy, which made her determined to find a way to succeed.

After getting both the mental and physical keys of fitness down, Kathy eventually transformed her body, went from 118 pounds to 157 pounds, developed a huge popularity online, and is now an inspiration to fans worldwide.

(Photo credit: Instagram)

“No- I did not wake up like this or that,” Kathy shares via Instagram. “I actually