7 Foods To Fight Foggy Brain

African american woman eating yogurtBattling foggy brain? Happens to everyone, right? It begins with something small, like ‘where did I park the car?’ Until, you realize that you’re experiencing a series of brain farts: can’t find the car keys, missed appointments – the day before may even feel like a blur. It’s almost like a smokescreen, which you just can’t seem to punch through.

While this may also sound a bit like “pregnancy brain,” one small study also found that “people with depression or bipolar disorder often feel their thinking ability has gotten “fuzzy,” or less sharp than before their symptoms began. Now, researchers have shown in a very large study that effect is indeed real and rooted in brain activity differences that show up on advanced brain scans.” Furthermore, the results indicate the conditions may fall under the spectrum of “mood disorders.”

The significance? The new data could transform the way doctors diagnose and treat them.

In the meantime, improve cognitive function, enhance memory and prevent neurodegenerative diseases with these powerful brain-boosting foods.

Avocado is rich in vitamin E. In case you didn’t already know, research states that the important antioxidant — containing monounsaturated fats which contributes to healthy blood flow — helps improve the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins from foods, in turn, promoting healthy brain aging and delaying AD-related functional decline.

Celery, which boasts luteolin — a flavonoid antioxidant which aids in protecting the brain from inflammation, cognitive aging and neurodegenerative diseases — can enhance memory, learning and spatial awareness.