5 Workouts Just As Good As Running

woman running up stairsWe all know that running is good for your health, but it’s not necessarily for everyone. If you suffer from joint pain or just can’t stomach the thought of running, there are plenty of other ways to get the same health benefits from running without hitting the pavement. Here are 5 workouts you can add to your fitness routine to get all the same benefits to your body as running.

1. Cycling: Taking a spin class or spending time on a fast-paced bike ride will do your body wonders. Like running, cycling is a great form of cardio and will help you to improve your endurance and boost your energy levels. If you can keep a moderate pace going, one hour of cycling can burn about 500 calories, which is more than an hour of light jogging! Cycling has a leg up on running, especially if you suffer serious joint pain. You’ll notice less wear and tear on your joints with regular cycling as opposed to running.

5. HIIT Training: Putting a variety of exercises together and moving quickly from move to move can have similar benefits on your endurance as running. Don’t let the “high intensity” scare you off. What makes this workout intense is to quickly move from one exercise to another without no breaks in between. It doesn’t take much to start to feel out of breath and work up a sweat but the variety of moves can be easier on your body than steady running for hours at a time. You can look at the video above, choose cardio moves or strength, or a mix of both to create your own HIIT workout.