7 Signs You’re Consuming Too Much Sugar

Sugar is hidden in so many things we eat and drink that it’s almost impossible to go through a day without consuming at least a little bit of sugar. But when you take in too much sugar it affects your blood, your organs and your overall health leading to a number of diseases. So


If you’re feeling drained of energy for a prolonged period, you might be addicted to sugar. In this case, eating a small amount of sugar can give you energy, but this is only a temporary solution which will make you crave the ingredient more shortly afterwards.

Frequent Colds and Flu

Excess sugar in the body will attack and weaken the immune system, resulting in frequent colds and the flu, as well as being more prone to various diseases. If you’re more prone to getting the sniffles, sinus issues or coughs, you might want to start eating and drinking less sugar

Dark Circles Under Your Eyes / Skin Issues

Sugar is a highly inflammatory compound which can cause numerous skin problems such as rosacea, acne, oily or dry skin and eczema. It can also be the reason for those unsightly dark circles under the eyes and can cause numerous inflammatory conditions as well. High sugar consumption has been linked to adrenal fatigue as well, which is why it’s so important to ditch it and switch to healthier alternatives.

Foggy Brain

Are your thoughts foggy? Brain fog after meals is another symptoms of consuming way too much sugar. It may also occur after digesting sugary drinks. Sugar can boost your glucose levels instantly, but the effect fades soon, and this inconsistency results in cognitive problems such as brain fog and the inability to focus.