A Trainer’s Favorite Moves For Every Part Of Your Body

Sharita J Get Fit Like That

Sharita Jennings of GetFitLikeThat.com

Let’s face it. You’re not going to the gym just for the fun of it. You’re most likely showing up because you want to get stronger, look and feel better, or just try to make up for everything you ate over the weekend. But just showing up to the gym isn’t enough. It helps if you know which moves are best for your key muscle groups.

But how do you know exactly which moves you should do in any workout to see the results you want? That’s where Sharita Jennings, fitness expert and creator of GetFitLikeThat.com, comes in. Sharita put together a list of her favorite moves for every part of your body – at least, the main muscle groups.

Sharita’s favorite moves are a great place to start in any strength training routine. Put some of these moves together for a total body workout, or devote a day to upper body strength and another to lower body strength if you want to focus more attention on one part of the body at a time.

Favorite Move for Biceps: Top Half Bicep Curl

bicep curlThis move is small, but keeps your biceps engaged the entire time, making it a powerful way to sculpt your muscles. For this move, start half way through your curl, with elbows bent 90 degrees next to your sides. Keep the palms facings upward as you curl the barbell or weights up toward your collar bone. Slowly lower to start, not letting those elbows fall past the 90 degree point.