My Story: “Something’s Gotta Change”

(Photo credit: @ZRXfitness instagram)

Many of us on social media are fooled into thinking how a person can look because of filters, camera angles and photoshop. So when we receive suggestions on who to feature, we take a close look at their pictures to ensure they are who we say they are. We say all that to say, we received the picture above from a good number of women recommending that this man above be featured on #ManCrushMondays. Since his transformation was so remarkable, we took our time to research and found that the man in the picture, Zac Willis, is the real deal and we had to honor him with a feature.

A Virginia native, but having grown up in Dallas, Zac has an interesting story of weight loss. As a marketing major, after college graduation he began to make money–more than he ever had before. And with that came more eating. So, as he says, it wasn’t just a meal anymore: it was dessert, it was more drinks, it was appetizers. It all added up until he say, it got out of control.

In 2013, Zac at 5-feet-8-inches tall weighed in at about 245 pounds.

“I was huge,” said Zac. “It was a year after graduation and I could barely see my toes. I was 75 pounds more than I was in college. I was huge until I woke up one morning and said something’s gotta change.”

That “something” Zac was talking about was signing up for a bodybuilding competition a full year in advance. With no training and no body to compete with (yet), he signed up and paid his money.


“After I signed that check, and spent my money, things got real. I said ‘Ok, this is the game I have to prepare for.'” Using the payment as inspiration, Zac began to train, and train hard.

All that hard work paid off too. Zac finished 7th in his first competition ever out of 42 participants. Because he was so ecstatic, he signed up for another show three weeks later and not only took 2nd place out of 38 participants, he also found a sponsor where he became the face of a brand and was paid to go around the country touring, showing off his new physique.

“It all started with focus,” recalls Zac. “Fall in love with the journey and don’t necessarily focus on the results, because day after day, if you put the work in, it’s a mathematical equation: it’s going to happen!”

While he claims that he is not a certified personal trainer, he knows what works for him and his body, so he shares that in hopes that he can inspire more weight loss and healthy living.

(Photo credit: @ZRXfitness instagram)

His fitness and weight loss program he calls is ZRX Fitness. Why ZRX? Well, Zac took the medical definition of “Rx” to mean prescription or recipe. So, it’s ZRX is simply Zac’s recipe or prescription for fitness.

“I just want to help people,” continues Zac. “Whether its in fitness, or in life. Its starts with the right mentality.”

When asked what he eats for fat loss, Zac simply details why his first meal of the day is so important in a video:

For breakfast:
Veggie and cheese 5-Egg white omelet with grits
(veggies include red, orange, green yellow and orange peppers along with spinach)
*only 28 grams of cheese per omelet

But before he eats anything in the morning, he takes a shot of apple cider vinegar. He says it…