This One Change To Your Workout Can Help You See Better Results

African American woman strength trainingIt is widely known that a great exercise regimen should include strength training. And the benefits of regular strength training are plenty: keeps bones strong, speeds up metabolism, and keeps the inches off for the long run. But what you may not know is that how quickly you move through your strength workout can make a huge difference in how quickly you can see the effects of your hard work.

When it comes to strength training, slower is better. If you rush through your strength workout, you might not be getting the most out of your time at the gym. But by slowing down, your muscles get to work overtime, meaning you’ll see and feel changes in your body in less time. As a general rule, when you’re lifting weights, slowly count “1,2,3” as you lift, and then again as you lower the weight to your starting position.

Keep reading to see all the ways slowing down can change your workout.

Get Stronger in Less Time

Once you slow down your strength training routine, you can build higher levels of strength than you would otherwise. The slower you move to lift a weight, like in a bicep curl for instance, you force your muscles to stay activated longer. Instead of needing to engage your muscles only for a second or two as you lift the weight, you’ll notice that your muscle is also working as you slowly lower the weight. This means you’re doing twice as much work and getting twice the strength gains from the same move.

Stay Injury Free

Starting a strength training regimen is always risky, simply because you are challenging your body in a brand new way. As with any new movement, it’s best to take your time to avoid hurting yourself (or others around you). Even if you’re a seasoned pro when it comes to lifting weights, there’s still a risk to hurt yourself if you move too quickly when moving with a heavy weight. For this reason, taking your routine slow will help to protect you from injury, since your body can better brace itself to lift those weights. You’ll also be able to better notice any weaknesses in your muscles more easily than if you rush through your workout. This can keep you from pulling or straining your muscles, which is common for anyone lifting weights— not just bodybuilders!