Tabria Majors: Representing For All Thick Curvy Women

… the fashion industry because I want to continue to represent those women who have been under represented,” said Majors, who hosts a podcast called “The Thick.”

The Thick, is a podcast series that revels in the comical banter between the dynamic duo, Tabria and Mindy. It focuses on making light of the challenges in dating and work life, and also provides health, fashion, and beauty tips from the perspectives of a Plus Size, Super Model in the making and a professional career oriented woman.

“Sports Illustrated was on the forefront using models of a diverse size range and I would argue that they are one of main reasons it’s gotten so popular and accepted now,” Majors said. “But, I still think we can do better as a society. It’s still really difficult for me to find clothing in stores — I pretty much shop exclusively online.”

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