100-lb Weight Loss The Old-Fashioned Way: “You Get What You Work For”

Having no formal training on how to start losing weight or keep it off, Patrice knew she had to do something.

“Personally, google was my best friend! First I figured out my goals (long & short term) so I knew what level of exercise I needed to be doing to help me reach those goals. I came across an article online about walking & losing weight so I gave it a shot. I went for 2-3 miles daily for the first 3 months of my journey & then eventually incorporated cardio at the gym in addition to my miles. Food wise, I snacked on a lot fruits & veggies throughout the days & literally ate everything baked or grilled. So just simply getting active with walking daily & eating healthier I lost 30lbs in those first 3 months.”

(Photo credit: @oliviaxopatrice & @slimthickfitness_ instagram)

“This journey has taught me what it means to push my limits (mentally, emotionally & physically) & to NEVER give up on myself! It hasn’t been easy. I have my good & bad days just like anyone else. You can’t skip the struggle & expect permanent results. There’s no magic or sorcery to getting the weight off, just old fashion exercising/getting active & eating healthier!! No pills, no surgeries, no crazy diets, no shortcuts. You get what you work for, not what you wish for. It’s not an easy journey but it’s surely worth it. Cheers to many more to come!”

For more information on Patrice, click here for her social media or here for her YouTube.

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