100-Pound Weight Loss: The Journey Is The Real Prize

(Photo credit: @TameikaG on Instagram)

First, let me say Tameika G is the truth. Like many of us, she was overweight most of her life and found herself at about 220-230 pounds and a size 16-18. Now, she’s about 130-140 and a size 4-6 and has been able to keep it off for 10 years–ten years this year as a matter of fact.

Since losing the weight, she has devoted her time to helping others achieve the same happiness she’s found on this journey. As a Certified Personal Trainer, she has helped over 400 clients, both in person and online, lose a cumulative total of 3000+ pounds.

On her blog, Tameika does not hold her tongue when she says the journey wasn’t easy, came with it’s fair share of challenges and shares that it took time to get where she is today. But it’s that same journey she says, “While this journey has been a turbulent one, I am thankful for it. Without it, I wouldn’t be the woman I am today.”

Here’s how what she had to overcome and what she celebrates now in her own words.

The Challenges

Overcoming Addiction: Losing weight was the easy part – keeping it off has been the biggest hurdle. Food is an addiction. The worst of all addictions because your “substance” is easily accessible and cheap. For my whole life I was obese and I had a food addiction. Unfortunately, that doesn’t automatically go away when you lose weight. It’s a daily struggle. For 3,650 days since I lost the weight, I have struggled with food. I hate to break it to you, this hasn’t ended… and honestly, I don’t know if it ever will. I have to constantly remind myself (and be okay with the fact) that I am a recovering food addict. I think if you approach this journey knowing and accepting this, it makes things much clearer for you.

(Photo credit: @TameikaG on Instagram)

The CONSTANT Yo-Yo: While I haven’t gained all the weight back, I have definitely struggled with the yo-yo. I go up/down about 10lbs each year. For those who follow me, you’ve probably seen this cycle in my semi-annual “50/60/70 Day Challenge” – when I proclaim it’s time to whip myself back into shape LOL. Honestly speaking though, it is a constant cycle. Thankfully, it has never gone higher than the 10lbs, but I can easily see how it could! After being obese my entire life, inevitably, I slip back into my old ways. It’s normal. These behaviours are almost too “normal” that you sometimes don’t notice until it’s too late. Being present and mindful each day has helped me here. The constant “check-ins” with myself and being mentally aware have helped me to keep my health a priority over the years.

The need to re-wire my thoughts: This was probably THE biggest struggle. Mass marketing had completely brainwashed me and took a toll on my journey. Between low carb/low fat diets, weight loss pills, going paleo, meal replacements, being gluten free/dairy free, the keto diet, detoxes (incl. teas), waist trainers, and all-natural/raw food diets, there has been A LOT over the years. I’ve tried the majority of these and it took some serious reflection to realise that for me, it was all nonsense. These “extremes” in my journey were not sustainable. That’s not to say I can’t incorporate some aspects into my regimen (i.e. raw foods are always a good thing in my eyes) – but to fully commit my life to any of these trends was just setting myself up for failure. This was a process to get through. A long and agonizing (and expensive) process. So please, be mindful of what’s “in” and simply ask yourself, “What can I commit to for the next 20, 30, or 40 years?”. Only then, when you are honest with yourself, can you prepare for a lifetime of maintenance.

(Photo credit: @TameikaG on Instagram)

Finding my Balance: Listen, I’m an extreme person by nature. I go big or go home… always. Lol. That means, you tell me to that I need to go to the gym to lose weight? I’ll go 10 times a week. Or, tell me I need to eat well to lose weight, I won’t touch junk food for 100 days (extreme.. remember?). Finding my balance with this process took me a solid 7 years. It wasn’t until 3 years ago that I reflected and realized that this way of life isn’t…

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