When NOT To Wear A Thong

Young African American woman exercise leggingsAt a certain time in a woman’s life, she may begin to wear thongs. There are various reasons why women choose thongs over regular brief underwear, such as avoiding panty lines, or simply because they find thongs more appealing. Thongs are relied on in many cases, however, they are not necessarily 100 percent healthy, according to Jill Rabin, M.D  Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine. Thongs can cause infection and irritation.

When the moisture levels rise from vaginal secretions, the vaginal environment becomes unbalanced. This is when infections can occur. External irritation is also a possible problem due to thongs. People who continuously wear thongs can experience skin tag development in that area. Many people believe that thongs can be worn all the time, however, here are several situations when you should consider not wearing your thong.

You’re wearing tight clothing. If you plan on wearing tight clothing, such as leggings or other workout clothes, a thong is not the best idea. When working out,  your crotch becomes damp. Dampness, warmth and tight clothing is the perfect environment for bacterial growth. This will disrupt your vagina’s natural balance.

You’re prone to infections. If you are prone to getting infections, you should limit your use of thongs. When vaginal secretions occur and  your vagina is not able to air out, it can lead to yeast infections or UTIs.

You’re pregnant. Pregnancy can cause a comprised immune system, and this means your risk of getting vaginal infections is increased. Avoid wearing thongs so that you can avoid infections for yourself, as well as your baby.

Your bladder leaks. According to Dr. Rabin, two out of every five women under the age of 60 experience bladder leaks. The presence of urine, which is acidic, can irritate the skin of the vaginal area if left in the crotch area of thongs. This can also cause rashes on the skin.

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