Benefits Of Water Fasting Go Beyond Clearer Skin

5 glasses of waterAround the world, fasting is known as a religious practice. Many people fast from food for hours, days, and even weeks to cleanse their mind and body from food toxins and it also has many therapeutic effects. Water fasting, where you consume only water, has been shown to have many benefits, from healthier skin to fighting aging.

Drinking sufficient amounts of water overall is good for your health, but embarking on a water fast helps to increase benefits such as:

Overall health. During a water fast, toxins that enter the body from the food we eat are flushed out of our system. With no food to digest, the energy required for digestion is preserved and is focused on other processes. This allows toxins to be flushed from the body at a faster rate. Mental clarity, reduced headaches, weight loss and lower blood pressure are all positive results of our bodies being cleansed of toxins.

Skin health and fights aging. Water fasting improves blood circulation and tones the skin. Because of the increased consumption of water during a water fast, the skin is more hydrated and able to heal and renew itself faster. It also helps to heal scars faster and help problems such as acne and eczema.


If you are considering embarking on a water fast there are precautions you should be aware of, such as discomfort and withdrawal symptoms. The body will more than likely not be used to being deprived from the food it regularly eats so you may experience withdrawal symptoms such as headaches and tiredness towards the beginning of the fast. After fasting for a couple of days, your body will become accustomed and your symptoms will fade or become easier to deal with. You will also feel a level of discomfort due to hunger and emptiness of the stomach.

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