#WeSeeYou: 4-Year-Old Chicago Boy Reads 100 Books In A Day On Facebook Live

Caleb Green #CalebReads100

Caleb Green, age 4, basking in a job well done after reading 100 books in one day.

When most Chicagoans were upset about waking up to snow last Saturday, Caleb Green saw it as the perfect ‘snowy day’ for a reading marathon. Caleb, age 4, set out to read 100 books in one day and his parents streamed the lit fest live on Facebook.

“I like to read and I want to read some more like my sister,” Caleb told ABC-7 News in a post-victory interview.

The challenge happened simply enough. “At lunch Caleb said, “Dad I read 9 books last night. I want to try and read 100 next,” Caleb’s father, Sylus Green, wrote in a Facebook post Sunday morning.

Green’s initial reaction, he wrote, was “100 is a LOT of books son, do you know how long it will take?” He replied “Yes. I want to read 100.”

There’s no stopping a determined child, and who would want to?

When the family returned home from lunch, Caleb’s parents began going through their bookshelves to find the 100 books. When they came up a few short, they reached out to family and friends who brought more books to the house.


The #CalebReads100 challenge was a village effort, even before streaming live on Facebook. Thanks to the live stream, Caleb was supported near and far by loved ones during the 8+ hours read-a-long. Currently, the streams – a total of three – have over 3,000 views and growing.

To Dad’s surprise, even people who…

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