Practice Mindful Eating For Holiday Diet Success

Food diaryThe holiday season for many is time spent with family, friends, and tons of food. From large, spectacular meals to holidays treats around the house, food is present. This can present some difficulties when trying to eat healthy and not fill up on holiday sweets. Dieting itself can be very difficult, and even harder to stay consistent. Dieting during the holidays does not need to be a daunting task. With some simple tips you can still enjoy your holiday guilty pleasures while not bringing on the excess weight. The American Heart Association provides readers with two main tips: avoid mindless eating and practice awareness.

Mindless eating is when people consume food simply because it is available and not because they are hungry. This is commonly seen when people are distracted, whether by TV, talking or while doing work. When we do not pay attention to what we are eating, or how much of it we are eating it becomes an endless, dangerous habit. It can become easy for people to over consume calories and leads to obesity.

Riska Platt, M.S., a registered dietitian and certified nutritionist tells readers, “Mindless eating has always been an issue. . .The key to mindful eating is awareness. Just paying more attention to what you eat, you’re more likely to make beneficial changes.”

As stated before, awareness refers to knowing what and how much of something you are consuming. Awareness is practiced in many different ways that can lead to more mindful eating.

Plan. Food preparations can be helpful, especially when it comes to snacking. If you usually get hungry between meals, having healthy snacks already made makes things easier. High-fiber snacks are a great choice because fiber makes you feel full longer.

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