5 Drinks That Cause Bad Breath

Bad breath is a thing that we would all like to avoid. We want to avoid smelling it and avoid having it. Many people think that it’s the food that actually creates bad breath, getting stuck in your teeth and added spices that evoke halitosis. But drinks do it too and sometimes even worse. Here are some “good” drinks that give you bad breath.

1. Coffee
As much as millions of people love coffee, there is actually a name for bad breath and this particular drink: “Coffee breath.” This delicious drink can leave your breath with a strong, bitter sort of smell. What causes coffee breath? Coffee dries out your mouth, which sets a perfect environment for bacteria to grow. This makes for stinky breath.

2. Alcohol
Beer, wine, cocktails—they all can make your breath smell bad. That’s because they also dry out your mouth, which lets the bacteria form. But it also has to do with the smell of certain liquors.

3. Milk
Milk is good for your skin and bones, but not if you want good smelling breath. A glass of milk will cause bad breath in the form of halitosis or “milk breath.” It has something to do with the excess of hydrogen sulfide in the mouth which makes for a very foul, sour smell on the breath.

4. Orange Juice
This is one of the most underrated killers of good breath. It definitely triggers bad breath. OJ is highly acidic, which dries out the mouth.