5 Mindful Practices To Mentally Get Through The Holidays

African American family happy at ChristmasIf the holiday season has you feeling stressed, you may feel the urge to jump back into your bed and curl under your warm blanket until the holiday madness is officially over. I mean, with the pressure of crossing off items on Christmas lists, sitting in an increased amount of traffic to get to the different holiday events you said you’ll attend and having to deal with extended family members ask you when you’re finally going to settle down and have some kids, the thought of sleeping away the remainder of the delightful holiday season seems warranted, but, it’s not really practical, eh?

Since cancelling the holiday season and ignoring everything that comes along with isn’t really possible, what you do have control over, however, is keeping a note of these mental health tips to help you conquer this season instead of dreading it.

1. Breathe through the situation.

It may seem obvious that you have to breathe since we naturally do it every day, however, mindful, deep-breathing is on a whole other level than the standard breathing we do on a regular basis. If you find yourself getting frustrated, especially with something that’s out of your control, take a few moments to yourself and breathe deeply – inhaling through your nose for four seconds and exhaling for eight seconds, or experiment with different time intervals that seem most calming for you.

2. Create experiences.

Do something for yourself or with your loved ones that doesn’t require any major expectations except for you to enjoy the time being spent at the moment. Whether it’s going to the spa to get in some “me” time or spending time at home with the family watching Christmas movies after putting the lights on the tree, do something that doesn’t take too much out of you mentally and can make you feel at ease.

3. Pick and choose your holiday events.

Getting invited to events always sounds nice, but realistically, you may not be able to attend every one of them depending on your schedule during the busy holiday season. The best way to not stretch yourself too thin is to prioritize a list of a few events that you absolutely don’t want to miss out on and consider any other function you go to as a bonus.