What She Said: 9 Turn-Offs For Women

Want to turn your woman on, and keep her turned on? Then be aware of what turns her off. These are some things that women have specifically expressed that turn them off quickly when they meet or date a guy.

1. Don’t stick to their word – There a reason why we started with this one. It’s not that a guy cannot commit to a woman, it’s as if he can’t commit to anything. It’s like a man says they want to meet you at a place or call you at a certain time, but then nothing. No show and no call. We all realize that plans change, so a little message of communication saying that you can’t make it or can’t call will go a long way. Alongside bailing last moment, showing up late is instantly unattractive as well. Shows women what you consider to be a priority. Remember, it only takes little planning to show up on time.

2. The “Know-it-All” – If a man knows everything and can’t learn anything from anybody, then what are you around for? Plus, there is a way to correct a woman without making her feel stupid or unuseful. A true woman (not a “sugar-baby” looking to only be taken care of financially) wants to contribute someway and not only feel wanted, but needed. As a man, if you find yourself always saying “I know, I know” or “yeah, I did that” then you might find yourself by yourself pretty soon.

3. Bad breath – This falls under a large umbrella of bad hygiene. If you have bad breath, chances are you have terrible hygiene too. She will be thinking “Stay the hell away from me” if your breath or body stinks. Don’t be surprised women find this to be one of the biggest turn-offs ever. Go brush your teeth or at least pop a mint in your mouth. Also, if you have gum, be sure to not smack on gum around her. That’s a turn off too!

4. Texting Her to Death – If all you can think of is to “What you doing?” and “Good morning Beautiful” texting her to death will get her because it worked before, stop right there. Today’s woman will not fall for you lack of effort when it comes to communication. Remember to set yourself apart by possibly calling (yes, people still talk on the phone) and sending a message to her job (if you’ve reached that point) or even giving her a card. All of the little things in communication add up to big points in your favor.