Cancer Clinical Trial Myths Debunked!

So, when people are randomized, when they receive one treatment or the other, they usually receive the best available therapy compared to the best available therapy plus something new. And so, at the very least, people received the best therapy that we have to offer as the alternative regimen compared to the experimental one. So, the randomizations are safe and they don’t involve placebos.

And the third thing is that people feel that they’re not eligible for clinical trials; that clinical trials are only for people who are in the worst state of disease and that’s no longer true. Clinical trials now expand the entire spectrum of disease; from before people have the disease, to first diagnosis, to after their first therapy, on relapse, and sometimes observational or laboratory studies. Clinical trials span the spectrum and so, the likelihood is that most people have a clinical trial available to them.’s “Ask the Expert” series brings the nation’s leading health experts directly to viewers. In this video, Dr. Craig Cole, Hematologist and Assistant Professor at University of Michigan, discusses multiple myeloma.

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