Christmas Miracle! Church Robbed But Turned Into Best Christmas Ever!

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The Christmas holiday is usually all about giving. It’s when most people make their biggest donations, give to the needy and generally help out those in need.

That’s what Pastor Patricia Brown at New Life Community Church in Indianapolis was thinking when her and congregation gathered up money, food and gifts to pass out to the less fortunate. But those plans got derailed when robbers broke in a window and stole the gifts.

The church was broken into Thursday night, according to The Indy Star. The burglars broke into the building through a side window and took clothes, food and money meant to help families in need for the holidays.

They took boxes of clothes sitting in the pews, some with brand new tags on them. They broke into the refrigerator and took drinks, and broke into cabinets and took food. They smashed a collection jar on the floor, taking the bills and silver coins.

“They really trashed the place. It took us all day Friday and Saturday morning to get it cleaned back up,” Brown said. “We help people. All they had to do was come to us and ask. They didn’t have to do that.”

All hope was lost, but thanks to the quick thinking of a sports talk radio host and the generosity of people in Indianapolis, Brown says this has turned into “the best Christmas ever.”

Derek Schultz, who cohosts Query and Schultz on WNDE-FM (97.5) in Indianapolis, noticed the story on FOX 59 and was given the contact information for Brown by FOX anchor Jessica Hayes. After reaching out to Brown, he set up the fundraising page Saturday night with a goal of $500.

Within an hour, more than $1,000 had been raised. By Sunday night, more than $3,000 had been raised. Schultz was “blown away.”

“This has nothing to do with me, it’s about everyone pitching it and making it happen,” he said. “A lot of people talk about the negatives of Twitter and social media, and there are some, but I think the positives outweigh (them). This is one of those where people can come together and share this message and get involved.”

Several people reached out to Schultz about making cash donations, and one person met Brown Sunday morning with $500 so she could replace some of the stolen items just in time for Christmas.

“The response of people and love and coming to our help has been awesome,” Pastor Brown said. “We live in…