4 Skincare Tips to Help Your Skin Conquer the Winter Season

African American woman happy clear skin

It’s officially the winter season and while it’s the season associated with bringing around the peppermint lattes and holiday cheer, it’s also the season where the cold and dry weather may have you feeling the need to slather on copious amounts of ineffective moisturizers as a temporary fix for the brutal, dry and chapped skin the winter season is infamous for providing.

No need to worry if you’re a victim of such unfortunate skin conditions during the winter, BlackDoctor.org spoke with holistic skin care therapist, AirestDion of AirestDion Skin Therapy, to get some helpful daily tips on how to prep your skin for the cooler months, as well as throughout the year.


When it comes to prepping your skin to achieve glowing greatness no matter the season, it’s important to start with a clean palette. Aim to look for cleansers that gently removes dirt and impurities from the skin, while maintaining the skin’s hydration
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When you combine a good moisturizing oil with an equally good toner, you’re mimicking the way the skin naturally moisturizes itself, which is through oil and water, Dion mentions. So, why is an alcohol-free toner a necessary staple in every skincare arsenal? Simply put, it’s basically a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer all in one package, which makes it beneficial because it will remove any additional traces of dirt a cleanser may have left behind, balance the pH of your skin and tighten your skin’s pores.

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