3 Steps to Go From Netflix & Chill to Something Real

Netflix and Chill- a staple amongst the millennial generation today! In the event that you’ve been living under a rock “Netflix and Chill” is a term commonly used to refer to “hook-ups” seldom followed by a committed relationship. Its roots derive from what better place than the almighty Black Twitter and the activity quickly escalated over the years to become one of America’s most endearing and favorite “late night terms” if you catch my drift.

Some would say, “It’s just sex,” while others wouldn’t agree. It’s amazing how in that midnight hour a “wyd” text, so commonly used today,  followed by a few emojis and small talk can lead you straight to Netflix and Chill (smirk). In an age of liberation, casual sex among consenting adults, practiced in a healthy manner, isn’t as taboo as it’s previously been seen.

BUT– what happens when that casual encounter becomes…dare I say…an emotional one? After all, we’re human and through casual encounters, it’s possible, and normal, to begin to form emotional attachments with other humans and wonder if this could be “more”…

So, it happened, and now you’re looking for more. Well, that’s where I come in! I’m here to give you my top 3 tips to go from “Netflix and Chill” to Netflix and something actually REAL…

1. Define Your Terms.

Many times we stumble into these Netflix and Chill arrangements without clearly defining our terms. From there, we end up making emotional investments

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